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Burly House Announces Internet Hosting Services in Green Data Center

(Austin, TX; December 19th, 2006) -

Burly House ( is pleased to announce the immediate availability of web hosting, e-mail and Internet domain name services hosted by its 100% Green Network Operation Center (the "Green-NOC").

All servers and network devices in the Burly House Green-NOC are powered by electricity acquired only from renewable and sustainable sources such as wind and solar energy.

The data center itself was built using products which are less harmful to the environment, with most purchases made through local, independent vendors in Austin and elsewhere in Texas.

"Our aim with this project is to discover how a more conscious technology provider might act differently." said Nathan Nunn, who founded Burly House, "There is no reason that the benefits of technology must also impact negatively upon our living environment."


Web hosting plans on the Green Network range from basic to advanced, priced from $15-$20/month. Further discounts are available with yearly plans.

All hosting accounts receive secure, ad-free e-mail with web-mail. Domain name registration and renewals are also available.

In addition to hosting services, Burly House also can assist in planning and developing a web site or service.


Located in South Austin, the hosting facility was built using low-impact techniques and supplies including post-industrial recycled denim insulation in the walls and ceiling, and all-natural non-static linoleum floor tiles. Even the trim is certified Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood, coated in low-VOC paints.

Beyond the Green approach, Burly House operates a fairly typical hosting operation: the devices and servers are all rackmount, and the room has its own special cooling system, with dedicated power and on-site backup. The network equipment and server brands are in common with other hosting environments.


By electing to purchase cleaner electricity to power the Green-NOC hosting farm, Burly House helps to prevent tens of thousands of pounds of chemical and physical pollutants from being released into the environment each year.

Beyond the clear benefits of launching on a Green platform for its own business, Burly House hopes to encourage others to consider how their own energy purchase choices weigh out.

Resources are available through for those interested in learning more about how to gauge the impact of their own energy usage.

A photo log found at the web site chronicles construction of the Green-NOC, complete with links to the manufacturers of the products we used.

Future considerations for the Green-NOC include on-site power generation via solar array, expanded battery bank, and bio-diesel generators.


Burly House is a local, independent shop in Austin, TX and was formed by Nathan Nunn in the summer of 2004.

Prior to founding Burly House, Nathan served as head of Purity Software, Inc. from 1995 to 2001. He has served in varied tech roles since 1989, with primary focus in programming, web development and hosting network services.

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Without local support in the Austin community provided by shops like Eco-Wise and programs like Austin Energy's GreenChoice Renewable Energy Program, the project would have been a much greater challenge - and much more expensive proposition.

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Austin Energy web site:


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[May-05-2007: this text has been slightly edited since its initial release. the original release used the term "G-NOC" as opposed to "Green-NOC". (tfn)]

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