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why go green?
Your choice in Burly House to host your web site is not only affordable, it directly reduces your carbon footprint.
burly house networks
“how might an Internet & web host provider
...serve you more consciously?”

« what makes a burly house? »

Motivated by the desire for more sustainable business practices, Burly House Networks and our flagship Green Internet hosting products are designed to efficiently connect people using only clean and renewable energy resources.

why we are here

Our primary mission at Burly House is to discover how a technology company can operate more consciously as compared with conventional methods.

We procure all of our electricity from renewable and sustainable sources including wind, solar, and bio-gas.

Our green network operation center (the "Green-NOC") is constructed using low impact building materials which are friendlier to the environment and to those who work near them.

Owner operated and based in Austin, TX, Burly House is an independent network hosting provider which seeks fair and honest collaboration with others who share in conscious business philosophy.



Burly House Networks was formed in 2004 with aim to grow a technology shop which reflects positively on the community it serves, the operating staff which supports it, and the Spaceship Earth.

Owned and operated by Nathan Nunn, whose other biz endeavors include Purity Software and Texas Green Print.

this site is hosted green - no electrons harmed.
indie & green since 2004 in austin, tx.

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