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The following steps describe how to download a current public key file for the Burly House Networks Certificate Authority (CA).

Installing this encrypted public key file into your computer's system keychain will resolve security notices asking for approval of the SSL certificate when connecting securely to Burly House servers.

Ready to begin? Lets go:

  1. Using your favorite web browser, download the current CA public key from the web location:
    (When clicking the above link, you will be redirected to the current public key file at a
  2. Once you have downloaded the current public key file, verify using the fingerprints:

    11 A1 CE 16 3B 93 F0 DE 74 8D A4 19 3C 01 17 E1 27 73 5A 85

    3B 25 A7 F1 DB E9 B4 A3 85 2F 23 A4 B5 25 A9 82

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