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« setting up spam filtering »

The following steps describe how to create a filter which captures incoming mail marked as spam, moving it from your primary INBOX to a quarantined folder which you create.

Ready to begin? Lets go:

  1. First, create a folder where potential spam e-mails should be filed:
    1. Login to your e-mail account.

      burlymail login screen

    2. Click the Folders link, found in the main menu near the top of the page.

      folders menu

    3. Provide a name for the spam quarantine folder. When ready, click the Create button.

      create folder screen

  2. Next, we will create a new mail filter which moves the suspected spam message to the quarantine location:

    1. Click the Options link found in the main menu near the top of the page.

      options menu

    2. Click the Message Filters link, located near the bottom-right corner of the resulting page.

      options screen

    3. On the next page, click the New link to define a new filter rule, providing these values as input:
      Match: Subject
      Contains: [SPAM]
      Move to: Spam
      Once ready, click the Submit button to add the new filter rule.

      define filter screen

  3. All done! From now on, incoming mail which has been marked as spam will be filed away.

    Be sure to check the Spam folder we just created, and delete its contents from time to time.

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