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“how might an Internet & web host provider
...serve you more consciously?”

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Hosted in our Green-NOC data center, powered using 100% green, sustainably-produced electricity including wind, solar, and bio-gas sources.

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full service
Our pricing is set so Burly House can provide you with a fully managed hosting experience. By working directly with our expert staff in planning and implementing your hosting service, you need not understand the technical details. Support is offered during regular business hours for managed hosting customers.

Are you a web designer or other industry professional? Our reseller program offers discounted pricing with full control of your hosted services via control panel admin. Free training & setup assist.

pro web host
  • host up to 3 web sites
  • up to 9 secure e-mail accounts
basic web host
  • host a single web site
  • up to 3 secure e-mail accounts
e-mail accounts
  • IMAP mailboxes with SSL/TLS encryption
  • spam controls and filtering - no advertising
  • works with Mac, PC & Linux e-mail client software
domain names
  • new registration, transfer
    or renewal
digital certificates
  • basic- $125.00/yr
  • premium- $160.00/yr
mailing lists
  • group e-mail discussion
  • newsletter broadcast

tech info

  • your choice in Mac OS X or Linux host server
  • network devices & supporting kit by Cisco, APC, others
  • web tools available (php, perl, python, websiphon, mysql)
  • extra DNS parking, web domain aliases, e-mail forwards **

Please Note:

A 5% discount and waiver of $35 account setup fee is offered with yearly prepaid services.

Reasonable increase in storage and bandwidth allocation provided upon request
and demonstration of need. Dedicated servers are also available.

this site is hosted green - no electrons harmed.
indie & green since 2004 in austin, tx.

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