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Your choice in Burly House to host your web site is not only affordable, it directly reduces your carbon footprint.
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« why choose "green" power? »

There is a single predominant issue which we have chosen to be the focal-point of our launch campaign: the implications of coal-generated electricity, and in-particular the immediate impact this choice imposes upon citizens of Texas and the United States.

This data indicates we are in need of an immediate change in direction, and this begins with our personal energy choices.

coal vs. green power
global perspective: local response:
(1) The electricity sector is the driving force for coal consumption, accounting for about 92% of all coal consumed in the United States in 2005. » Burly House Green Network plans are designed to connect people using only clean and renewable energy resources.

(2) This huge consumption in coal generates only 54% of our electricity, and is the single biggest air polluter in the U.S. » We began operating our Green Network during the Summer of 2004, with all electricity sourced from renewable, sustainable sources.

(3) Coal-fired power plants are the single largest industrial source of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, particulate matter and mercury emissions. » Operating our small network operation center "Green" prevents tens of thousands of pounds of chemical and physical pollutants from being released into the environment each year.

(4) Texas is the #1 coal-consuming and producing state in the nation with 17 plants currently operating and 18 proposed new plants on the horizon. » Hosting your network services with us asserts your choice for clean power and can help reduce demand for coal.

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Learning More
Interested in learning more about how your own energy choices add up?

The Electric Power Pollution Calculator offered by the Texas State Energy Conservation Office web site is a great start to better understanding the result of our reliance on coal energy.

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